Andrea Linton RobbinsHello and Welcome to Turnkey Marketing Systems!

Turnkey Marketing Systems is designed to help you, the network marketer, find marketing systems that work for you.

While we are committed to our own network marketing company that specializes in  helping people get healthy and feel better, we do understand that our company is not everyone’s cup of tea (so to speak). With that in mind we decided to put together a place where people from all MLM companies could go to find resources for building their marketing company.

Non threatening ways to share your business, products and opportunity with others without having to “bug” your friends and family. No one wants to be “that person” who everyone avoids because you are always talking about your business with them.

There are ways, and we explain them here, to share what you are doing with others both online and off in a way that allows your potential clients and associates to join you without feeling like they have been sold on the idea. There are also many different ways to share, some are more personal and some are even done for you. Some are online and some rely on the more old school techniques.

Pick one or two methods and get really good at them before branching out and trying others. The key to being successful with MLM is to work your advertising methods consistently and track your results.  Most companies have a sales funnel, a method for introducing your product and opportunity to others. All marketing is is the gathering of people to introduce your product or business  opportunity to.

Many marketers call this introducing people to the idea or product. It is the very beginning stage of the process. You will get lots of no’s before you get yes’s.

This is the whole Turnkey Marketing Systems concept  in picture format:

turnkey marketing systems

What we are going to focus on here at Turnkey Marketing Systems, are advertising methods to introduce people to the top of your sales funnel. Even though there are five boxes at the top of this picture, it is better to start with just a couple methods in the beginning as most advertising concepts have a bit of a learning curve to implement them so that you see consistent results.

Keep in mind there are three parts to making money; a system, traffic and a product or service that you are selling. With that said there are many, many different combinations of ways to make that happen. After much thought, we decided to start you out with one system, one traffic source and you provide the product/service.

You will, however, find several online systems and traffic sources that you can mix and match if you are already skilled or if you are interested in pursuing one type of advertising over another.

Let’s get started! The first step is to choose a marketing system.