Choosing a marketing system for MLM is one of the fundamental pieces you need to have in place to be successful at selling your products and or services and build a large team. Now has never been a better time to be involved in network marketing because of the internet.

Where as in the past teams were built “belly to belly”, one person at a time, today’s network marketer can reach thousands of people a day and make presentations effortlessly. Or so it would seem. In order to actually have an auto recruiting machine in place, your first order of business is choosing a marketing system.

We like the following four marketing systems for various reasons which Andrea explains in these videos.

Choosing a Marketing System For MLM – The Power Lead System

The Power Lead System is the Cadillac of marketing systems as you will see here in this video. It offers a huge selection of tools such as; capture pages, an autoresponder, a hangout system (see home parties for how to implement this), a sales funnel, post card & capture form creator and it integrates with the major autoresponders if  you already have a list.

Probably the most significant thing offered by the Power Lead System is the training. It is top notch.


There are two ways you can join the Power Lead System:

Next up in the Choosing a Marketing System for MLM is Lead Jumper

Lead Jumper too, has many tools for getting a head start marketing  your business;


SMS Chat System:

With our SMS Chat system, the communication barrier between you and your prospects has been completely eliminated. With LeadJumper you can now communicate with your prospects like never before, allowing you to build a rapport with them easily and quickly while increasing your bottom line.

Easy Blog:

Creating and maintaining your own personal blog has never been easier than with LeadJumper.
You’re able to create and change your blog template in minutes, create posts that are automatically structured for search engines, add widgets in seconds and more. Even if you’re a beginner… with LeadJumper your blog will always look professional when being viewed on a desktop or any mobile platform.

With our interface you’ll be able to easily create your posts, preview your posts, add social sharing, allow comments, add google analytics and more with just a few simple clicks of your mouse.
Not to mention that your Easy Blog is part of a TRUE network blogging system provided by LeadJumper to help increase your rankings online.

Lead Extractor:

Generating traffic and producing leads for your business has truly been simplified!
Easy Leads includes powerful extraction software allowing you to pull phone lists daily from the top search engines and directories available online. It also includes a VoiceDrop platform and Phone Broadcast platform as well. With our VoiceDrop platform you’re able to deliver your marketing message to the voicemail box of mobile phones… without the phone ever ringing, not to mention our Phone Broadcast platform that allows you to deliver your marketing message to businesses as well.

We make it simple by giving you the power to extract lists daily while get your message out to thousands… generating traffic instantly for your business. [Get all of the details here]


 Choosing a Marketing System for MLM – ConversionPros

ConversionPros tag line is:

Need Signups? We Have Them!

Not Good at Getting Traffic and Leads?

We offer guaranteed lead packages. These packages are NOT clicks these are

Actual Leads that Opt-in To a Business Opportunity Page!

[Learn more here]

Which is probably why they call their site; recruit like a machine.

ConversionPros has it ALL; capture pages, text messaging, autoresponders, voice message broadcast, autodialer, blog & mobile website creator, tiny url creator, QR code creator, url rotator, marketing videos and a “get three and yours is free” policy. If you are serious about building a big team this is the system you want.

And finally in our “Choosing a Marketing System for MLM” categories

We’d like to talk about Powered by Email. Powered by Email is more of an email marketing based system, yet because of the way the leads are distributed you can find phone numbers and even look these people up on Facebook to start a conversation with them.

It is a plug & play way to start making contacts fast.


There you are. Four tried and true systems for choosing a marketing system for MLM that you can use to build your team, sell you products and use to train those you recruit.  All of these systems offer an affiliate option. So what you do is join, set up a system for marketing your MLM and as your team grows you teach them to do the exact same thing.

One of the most frustrating parts of growing a large downline is that while you can bring in new recruits, those people often, have no idea where to start. Our hope is that you send them here to get a basic understanding of what their options are and then they use  your link to get started.

Here is the list of links in one spot:

Now that you have  your marketing system set up, you need to think about your marketing strategies. For an over view of some options, click on the Setting Up a System Tab on the menu at the top and start going through the various links outlining marketing strategies.


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