With the advent of periscope using Twitter to build a network marketing business has never been easier!

We are going to divide this training into two sections, the first is about building a twitter account and the second part will be dedicated to using Periscope properly.

Twitter is the second largest social media platform. While Facebook has billions of users every day, Twitter has almost four hundred million daily users.  With the advent of Periscope this platform could grow to rival Facebook so now is the time to get serious about Twitter.

Setting up your Twitter account:


Now about getting followers.  There are several methods and some tools that you can use to increase your Twitter followers.  After looking around at several concepts over on youtube (where you can learn to do just about anything) I implemented a couple of the techniques recommended  and got seven followers in just a few minutes.

If you go to the search bar and put in #likeforfollow then go and like (click the star button) under the posts there those people should follow you back. This is a way to get followers without having to follow them first.

Justunfollow.com and tweepi.com are a couple of apps/sites that you can use to grow and manage your followers. Twitter won’t let you follow too many people without having some magic ratio of followers so it is important to get followers and unfollow those who are not contributing to your account.

I strongly suggest that you spend an hour looking around Youtube for ideas about using Twitter and getting followers. As well as learning how to use hashtags to grow your account and get views.

Getting Twitter Followers

Now that you have a Twitter account and followers let’s look at what to do with them:

Twitter is the world’s fastest-growing social network, with everyone from Justin Bieber to Barack Obama tweeting daily. But the question is, why should sales people use Twitter?

The answer is quite simple: because your prospects are there.

Twitter’s huge. In aggregate, its more than 500 million active users tweet 400 million times and enter 1.6 billion search terms every day. That’s a lot of people and some of them simply have to be potential buyers.

Your competitors are there too. Between 50-70% of businesses have a Twitter account and 94% of the Interbrand Top 40 is tweeting. And it’s working for them. A recent study showed that B2B companies who use Twitter get twice as many sales leads. And IBM reported a whopping 400% increase in the sales of an important product after piloting a social selling programme that integrated the micro-blogging site.

By using Twitter wisely, you can be part of the most relevant conversations as they happen, spot opportunities first, build relationships, deepen customer trust and make a name for yourself.

However, just having a presence on Twitter doesn’t guarantee you sales. It’s how you use it that makes the difference between tweeting into the void and generating leads.

Here are 7 easy steps for turning tweets into sales. [read them here]

Don’t forget to read through what Twitter has to say about using its platform for business here

Now let’s talk about Periscope for a bit:

Jill has written a good over view of how to use periscope here This covers some of the basics.

Periscope allows us to explore the world through someone else’s eyes – and let others see the world through your own. Where before we just got to hear and see pictures of what’s for breakfast, now we can live moment by moment with others. It can be the ultimate in virtual friends hanging out together though apart. It can also be a tremendous tool for teaching and sharing information. Not a whole lot different than SnapChat in that the videos you make don’t last more than 24 hours

There is a way to make periscopes last longer and put them up on youtube and your own blog that I use here called WP-Scope You will find a good deal of training on making Periscopes that will grow your following as well as the resources to create long lasting periscopes.

The combination of Periscope and Twitter to grow your network marketing business is a rock solid combination to master.  Just understanding how to use these two platforms properly will pay you huge dividends and allow you to grow a large network fairly rapidly.


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