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It is very exciting when you are first getting started with network marketing. One has lots of enthusiasm and high expectations but not necessarily a lot of skills at this point.

So let’s break down the steps necessary to achieve success.

  1. Set up your autoship – this should be a no brainer but you need to be a product of your products if you hope to be successful sharing them with others. The backbone of any organization is the autoship. Your people will do what you do.
  2. Set up your goals – in the trip to any destination one needs to know what one is aiming for.
  3. Map out a business plan – once you know what you are aiming for then breaking down the goals into actionable steps is what you should be accomplishing in this step.
  4. Decide when you are going to be working and then work during those times.

When it comes to mapping out the business plan, you need to look at three things; a system, traffic and a product or service. The life blood of any business is bringing in customers, sifting them through a funnel and ultimately making sales and growing your team.

The way to get the most out of this website is for you when it comes to getting started with network marketing

  • Set up a system – Go look at these 4 options
  • Decide how you are going to run traffic to it – we have traffic options that range from small to larger budgets.

Understanding the marketing strategies of your MLM is important when deciding which methods of marketing you are going to focus on as you are just getting started with network marketing. For example if the company you are getting started with network marketing with, has built its reputation on face to face, belly to belly sharing  and that is how they train, you are going to want to talk with your upline about these strategies and see what kind of training they offer to help you be success. You can also talk to them about incorporating the existing marketing material into some of these other techniques that are more internet related.

Go through each of these articles listed here on this site and decide which methods you want to implement. Pick one or two methods to start with and get exceptionally good at them before implementing more.  It is easy to get scattered and stuck in the “learning” phase and never accomplish what you are setting out to achieve. Learning is not a money producing activity.

Though some part of your day should be devoted to personal development, personal development in and of itself is not a money producing activity.  Focus on making presentations or inviting people to presentations. That is where the money is.

The Real Secret To Getting Started With Network Marketing on the Right Foot

I’ve heard it said that if you invite 5 people a day to view a presentation you will be one of the most successful people in your industry within two years.

Most people will not consistently use the product and invite others to try it too. That is the real secret. Get good at inviting, be a product of your product and be vocal about sharing your results. Until you get your own results, share the results of your upline.

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