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In this training for Hosting Home Party Ideas For Network Marketers we are going to look at some slightly different approaches to holding a home party or even a group meeting with the intent to sell network marketing products.

Almost every network marketing company falls back on the “hold a home party” concept for their initiates. First you make a list of everyone you have ever come in contact with that is still breathing and then you invite the over to your house so that you can “sell them something”. I don’t know about you, but I always know that I’m expected to make a purchase when I go to these events and I almost always decline the invitation.

Now, if they host has some great gimmick for getting me there beyond telling me all about the company and the products, I might be more inclined to attend. So I’ve been thinking about other methods for holding parties that inspire people to want to come and get information they are seeking or at least have some fun reason for showing up.

Not all of these ideas are suited for every MLM you will need to tweak the concept based on the benefits and features of your particular product.

Home Party ideas for Network Marketers In Coffee and Tea MLM’s:

Have a tea/coffee party. Serve healthy finger foods. Invite people to wear hats, dress up, give coffee or tea cup as a raffle gift (that has a sample of your product too of course). Use real tea/coffee cups, play some fun games such as the MemoryTrayGame and or whats in your purse game.

Set the party up so people come in and can look at the memory tray as they are all arriving. Have the tea cups, pots of tea/coffee and snacks available so people can be chatting and kind of breaking the ice. This should last about 15 minutes or so, until all of your guests have arrived. Play the what’s in your purse game. Make it fun, get people laughing. Then play the memory tray game. The memory try game is where you will be sharing about your company and products. Pass the order forms out before you go through the tray.

You could also give prizes for the most interesting hat. Let everyone at the party decide whose is most original, funny, old school, etc.

Award the host with a special gift. Invite anyone interested in holding a similar party to stay after.

Home Party ideas for Network Marketers in Nutrition Drink MLM’s

This is going to be very similar to the tea party except that instead of tea you will be serving samples of the drink. You can serve the drinks in plastic champagne cups with ribbons tied around the base. For gifts you might want to go with shaker cups.

Home Party ideas for Network Marketers Using Health & Weight Loss Seminars

Hold a seminar on health or weight loss. Show a video that talks about weight loss or health strategies – or show your company video. Have samples available with snacks (that are healthy). Invite those that would like to learn how to get free weight loss or healthy living products to stay for an extra 15 minutes. During the 15 minutes at the end give a brief product/business presentation and allow them to sign up on the spot through your computer.

Home Party ideas for Network Marketers – Man a booth at fairs or parades

This isn’t quite an home party, but it is a good way to meet people. Set up a booth at fairs that are held in your community. This works best if you have a local team to work with. Be sure to have a bowl to collect business cards and have blank cards for people to fill out to participate in a drawing for one of your best selling products. You should have the product displayed prominently with a “win this” sign.

The strategy is to call everyone who enters even if they aren’t the winner and offer them the product with a bit of a discount. Make sure to collect email addresses as well as phone numbers, because you can add them to your list and drip on them even if they aren’t buying today.

Home Party ideas for Network Marketers -Hold an Event on Facebook

You can sometimes hold a virtual party online by setting up a Facebook Event. Set up a Google Hangout for a specific time and invite your participants to join you.  You will need to talk about this a lot on Facebook, tag people in the conversations about the event upcoming. Let them know what they can expect to learn. (Hint – it needs to answer the question what’s in it for them.)

Over all your product or services solve problems people are having. Talk about the problems A LOT. Tease them with how you will help them solve the problem, but don’t tell them exactly how to solve the problem until they come to your event/hang out.

Your hang out should answer their questions and talk about your products as kind of an after thought. You can still play games on a hang out.

The great thing about this strategy is that you can record this once and replay it forever on YouTube or your website.

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