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When it comes to post card marketing strategies one can waste money fast if you aren’t smart about how you go about it. The company I work with has a post card marketing system as part of its overall marketing strategy. The thing is though, most people simply throw out mail box advertising without looking at it. In order to avoid this tragedy, try these tactics instead.

Our post card marketing strategies are different.  Instead of sticking the label and a stamp on the post card and popping it in the mail.  We have taken a couple extra steps to ensure that at least the recipient opens and looks at the advertising piece.

Watch this video about how I employ post card marketing strategies to get an edge on the competition



These are the steps for implementing these post card marketing strategies:

  1. Get your cards
  2. Get a newspaper clipping that validates  your products benefits
  3. Get envelopes big enough to fit your cards
  4. Address the envelopes by hand
  5. Put on postage
  6. Mail

The newspaper provides third party validation for the benefits of the product you are promoting, having it attached to the post card gives the person a sense of reassurance that this was meant for them specifically. Another added touch which could actually increase  your response, is to get some colorful sticky notes, and a yellow highlighter.

Then you highlight key points in the article as they pertain to your particular product benefit and then write (by hand) a little personal message to each of your leads on the sticky note and put that on the newspaper. Address them by name and put your name and phone number at the bottom. The message can be the same for everyone but needs to say something like, “hey (person’s name) thought this might help you” or “(person’s name), have you ever wondered…what if?” Something that will draw them to look at the article and then take action on the post card.

You can get newspaper articles for your particular industry here. When you place your order please be sure to tell them Andrea Robbins sent you and give them this phone number: (502) 694-2033 (thank you so much, this isn’t an affiliate program, but they do give me a few extra copies for referrals)

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