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Telemarketing cold calling strategies are not for the faint of heart. You must really like to talk to people to be able to pull this method off. There are, however, some strategies to make this a powerful tool in your arsenal. Ultimately one must just pick up the receiver and dial.

Here are a couple of thoughts before we get into the meat of this method.

Remember the saying:

Some will, some won’t, so what, next…

and above all don’t take no personally.

We are going to provide you with a script that you can use when going through these lists. The goal is to sound as normal as possible when you are talking to these people. Listen for clues, don’t just read off the paper.

Dr. Michael Fleischer, who has been cold calling on clients for years, has put together a training seminar for you that you can watch here:


Telemarketing Cold Calling Strategies Scripts

Telemarketing Cold Calling Strategy  Script For Live Call

Hello (prospects name)….

My name is (insert your name here)

I’m calling  you because you recently expressed an interest in making some additional income by working from home!

1 ­ Are you interested in a Part Time Or Full Time Option?

2 ­ Would you be interested in a job or becoming an Independent Business Owner, where you can set you own hours and income?

3 ­ Provided you qualify, how much time would you be willing to invest in a business venture?

4 ­ Based on finding the right business, how much income would it take to get you committed to working ( ) Hours.Wrap Up! I think I have something that could fit what you’re looking for! I need 10 minutes

of your time for you to watch a video that will explain everything that we do! This should give

you a really good idea of what’s involved and will allow you to go further in your search…

Would now be a good time?


Telemarketing Cold Calling Strategy for Smart­drop Message for Voicemail

1st Message Hi, ________________.  This is ____________

calling from _______________, (Your City, State).

You asked for information, saying that you had an interest in learning more about our home­

based income project. I just wanted to follow up and help you get all the information you

wanted, and to answer any questions. Could you please return my call? (Leave your number)

I am certain you will like what we have to offer, and I am looking forward to speaking with you

for a few minutes. By the way, if I happen to be busy on another call, please leave your

number and my number is _________.  Have a great day!

We have genealogy lists based on a variety of criteria such as your state and MLM opportunity seekers from specific opportunities. You can order them here, or chat with me about the best route to take by reaching out here.

Again this is the link for the lists

This is the link for callfire (the system Dr. Mike uses in the training)

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